A New Era-Being Creative With Singing Opportunities

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A New Era-Being Creative With Singing Opportunities

We tend to look back at what has been, often comparing our experience with what our previous generations have accomplished. The unfortunate part of this equation when it comes to music is that the music business is changing at lightning speed. The internet has completely pointed us in a new direction.

With these changes comes many new opportunities. The catch here is, how are these opportunities going to pay off for you in a career sense?
The new generation has to get out there and find out what the NEW way of doing everything is. You have to create the music world you live in and stop waiting on it to be what it was for the past generations.

Record deals are no longer the way in to becoming an artist. Selling cds is on its way out. Youtube and Facebook are two examples of how you’ll have to promote and market yourself. However, nothing beats the good ole fashioned way of getting out there and singing in clubs, churches and other events so you can connect with people on a personal and heart level.

The world is your oyster so to speak. Look ahead and be creative. Stop doing it the way it’s always been done. We’ve left the golden era of the music business but we are entering into what may be the most universal and cooperative way of sharing. Get on board. Don’t get left behind.

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