Is That Post Nasal Drip Killing Your Voice?

Allergies & Vocal Problems

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Allergies & Vocal Problems

Have you had that nasty post nasal drip that won’t go away? I just participated in a workshop with Dr. Reena Gupta at Pepperdine and one of the main focuses was vocal health. She explained that this has been our worst year for allergies, pollution and dust. Because of this, our bodies constantly try to produce mucous to clear out the gunk. Also, if you are not using a nasal rinse to regularly clear out the dirt and grime, then you set yourself up for irritation, swollen membranes in and around your cords and bacterial infections.

She recommends that everyone gargle at least once a day and rinse your nasal passages at least once a day. A simple saline solution as a nasal rinse will work. Alkolol is also a great alternative.
Gargling with hydrogen peroxide or Scope is also a great routine to incorporate daily.

As simple as this sounds, you will be amazed at the results. The issues with sore throats, sinus infections, swollen cords and coughs will begin to clear up and make your life much more enjoyable as a singer. And then there is water. You can’t get enough. Make sure to have this with you at all times.

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