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Honor Your Talent Pt 2

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
We are repeatedly asked a variation of the same question –
• How many singing lessons will I need before I see the results I want in my voice?
• How many lessons do I need?
• If I want to reach my goal how many voice lessons will I need?
• What do I have to do in order to achieve results from my lessons?
The answer is: It depends. Do you just want to learn to carry a tune or do you want to become an outstanding singer? Obviously, the first will require a lot less time than the second.
You have to ask yourself:
• What are my goals for my voice?
• How committed am I to achieving those goals?
• What is my voice like now, and how much do I want it to grow?
• How long have I been singing?
• What bad habits do I have and am I willing to replace them?
Comparing your current level of development as a singer to the goals you have is the most important indicator for the time frame you should expect to meet your vocal goals. Also, consider that some people are faster learners and for others it takes time to acquire new skills.
However, the two most determining factors for the speed with which you reach your goals are the quality of the vocal instruction you receive and the regularity of your practice.
Singing technique has been refined over centuries and we are very fortunate to have a wealth of information regarding vocal instruction.The IVA technique gives you the tools to help your voice immediately, but the changes don’t last unless you’re committed to practicing.

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