Honor Your Talent Pt 3

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This word is very deceptive these days! Exposure can come in all shapes and sizes so to speak. Both the good and the bad.
And what does it really mean? It means everyone will know you. At least that is what “they” want you to believe.

How many times has someone wanted to hire you, for free. That’s an oxymoron right? They say the payoff will be exposure. And they want you to say yes to anything for this exposure. Please think again before you say yes. Or at least make sure that when you are doing something for free, it’s because you REALLY want to. Your talent is your gift and for most of you, there have been many years and many hours of dedicated practice, developing your craft so you can make a living doing what you love.

We’ve come to an era where music is becoming widely available for free. “Great” we say, until it’s our turn to try to pay our mortgage from a career which depends on this music we have created and sung. And because the whole world has access to everything now, exposure only means you are jumping into a sea with billions of other fish.

To clarify, this doesn’t negate in any way your passion and desire to succeed and possibly even become famous if that is what you desire. It is however just a thought to maybe have you stop and reevaluate your decisions regarding what you will do for nothing with the promise of possible “exposure.” It’s the industry’s new way to entice new talent and get something for nothing.

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