Honor Your Talent

Latest News Sep 01, 2014 Comments Off on Honor Your Talent

We just had a guest come in to address singer issues for the singing community. Usually we have someone who speaks of current issues in the business and presents ideas for making a living, understanding current contracts, etc…….But this time, I felt a need to get back to the heart of why we sing.

Glenn Carlos, our recent guest, spoke sincerely about taking care of our instruments and understanding why we sing. He spoke of the lyrics and interpretation, vocal health and preservation and most importantly the power a song can have in changing someone’s life.

I encourage you to take some quite time and reevaluate why you sing. Begin to understand what your song is about before you ever open your mouth to share it, and most importantly, honor your talent. Singing is an incredibly powerful gift and can be used to lift up humanity if you so choose.

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