A Little Bit About Gerald's Music.........

The Music

I’M OFTEN ASKED….so what is your music about and what kind of music do you sing?”

It catches me off guard every time and I guess to put it into words it could be summarized like this. When the melodies stir your soul and the lyrics challenge you to go and take on the day and live it the best you know how, then my mission is accomplished. Spiritual is not the word, although there are moments when you may feel uplifted. Entertained is not the word either, although I hope you enjoy every second. I think that motivational comes close but that sounds a little trite in itself.

When someone’s life has been changed and they call me up and say that the song caused them to be able to keep going in life, not give up, and make changes for the better, then THAT’S the word…..whatever word that is…………….

I obtained my BA Degree and then received a Master’s Degree in Jazz and Commercial Music. I moved to LA and hit the pavement trying to break into the music business here.

I finally realized my dream and find it a blessing to wake every day and do what I love! Making music is my passion and helping other singers and musicians find their way in this often brutal entertainment business is very rewarding for me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!





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