Post Nasal Drip & Homeopathic Allergy Drops

Latest News Jul 31, 2014 Comments Off on Post Nasal Drip & Homeopathic Allergy Drops

Remember the days of allergy shots? Not only a little painful but they gave you a comprehensive dose to take care
of any possible allergy that might harm you.

Now, there is an alternative and I’m sold!! The way it works is like this. The ENT gives you an allergy test to see exactly what you are allergic to. Then they make a cocktail of the specific allergens combined with a liquid which makes it as easy as a drop under the tongue once a day. It’s incredible because it helps you to build an immunity to these allergens and not have to deal with that nasty old post nasal drip anymore.

I’ve been on this regimen for about 4 months and have NO allergy issues anymore. It’s pretty incredible.
If you have this post nasal drip that won’t go away, you might try this method. It’s quite convenient but most importantly, it works!!

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