Technique-How Important Is It?

Latest News Oct 03, 2017 Comments Off on Technique-How Important Is It?

We’ve had quite a year with all of our singing artists and their vocal issues! Seems like every time you turn around, you hear about another singer having surgery or cancelling their tour. Has it always been this way? Or is it just because of social media we hear about everything? Or……are singers just not taking care of their instruments?

As you know, my focus has always been in favor of good vocal technique…..even if it meant giving up that unhealthy belt that you love for a more controlled strong mix that will save you in the long run. Things have changed in the instructional world, for instance; we used to find great voice teachers from referrals of other students who had great success with a teacher. Teachers were required to have training in many cases which made them reputable. Now with the internet, go to youtube, punch in voice lessons and you have vast array of instruction. A lot of good, and a lot of bad.

Did you know that one exercise done incorrectly for a period of time can send you into a tailspin? Or on the more positive side of this, the correct exercise and advice can be life changing and put you on the right track to vocal health. For years while I was developing my studio, I would be at my teacher’s home watching him teach and also seeing stars who are still around today and singing, taking their lessons. Week after week. Year after year. It’s like your physical health, it’s a never ending process. You are constantly keeping those muscles toned and blood pumping so to speak. Find a teacher in your area and stick with them. Take care of your instrument. It’s flesh and blood and will serve you well into old age if you keep using it correctly.

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