Faith Rivera

Emmy-Award Winning Singer / Songwriter

Getting vocal nodes is usually the worst thing for a singer, but for me, it has been the best “gift” ever!

With the help of my amazing vocal coach, Gerald White & the speech-level singing technique, my vocal nodes were about gone in a month and now just a little over 2 months, my voice is stronger than ever! I have increased my top range by an octave if not more, singing in places I have literally never been before as well as extending my bottom range singing past a low C.

There is ease like never before throughout my entire range & more power even in those tricky bridge areas with those money notes that our fans love to hear. This experience & my continued work with Gerald in speech-level singing has opened up a whole new “world” to me not only as a vocalist and an artist, but more importantly in my ability to offer more to my listeners, to communicate more deeply with them, and take my career to an even greater level!

I am so excited to experience even more freedom & power with this technique and all the successes it will bring…thanks Gerald for breathing new life into my vocals & my career!!!!

Dr. Reena Gupta


I have been on the hunt for reliable vocal coaches for my patients for years! So many people cannot substantiate their claims of expertise or charge exorbitant fees. Gerald is an exceptional exception. He is a truly gifted singer and technician and confers that skill to his students. He doesn’t simply tell the singers what they want to hear. The honesty of his approach is why he has such great results. He also has a great ear for injury, referring students when he hears something off. I have never regretted sending a patient to him for voice lessons.

Joseph Williams

Lead Vocalist Toto

I truly thought my voice was gone! Or at least my ability to get that high balls to the wall rock sound I use to get.
Gerald White took me on as a student and with his method and tutelage I’ve got those high strong b’s and c’s again along with a strength and stamina that I NEVER had! Gerald is such a patient teacher and his knowledge of the vocal technique is unmatched ..
“Thanks Gerald for bringing me back from the dead!”

Nina Harris

Profesional Singer

If you’re really, really lucky, you may come across a teacher as good as Gerald, but I guarantee you won’t find one with a more giving, gentle soul. Hands down the best coach I’ve had.


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