As a vocalist, we all know that our health is of the utmost importance, as our body is our instrument. With that in mind, have you ever worried you’re not at full health? But taking time off from singing is never our first choice… Instead, come try a Manual Voice Assessment today! A Manual Voice Assessment can correct anything from –

  • Vocal Fatigue
  • Swallowing Difficulty
  • Loss of high notes
  • Vocal Range Limitation
  • Vocal Damage Rehabilitation
  • Vocal Cord Closure and Voice Function

Manual Voice Assessment is a one hour session and consists of several elements, evaluating the upper chest area to the shoulders, neck and head, and ending with the larynx. The instructor will have you stand and sing and do an assessment to determine what may physically be hindering full vocal agility.

The main focus is to show the student how to relieve tension and address issues related to the larynx and areas leading to the larynx which cause vocal issues.

We show the student how to pinpoint problem areas and empower them to solve these issues on their own. This session is assisted by a certified and trained voice instructor this method is not licensed or regulated by the state of CA.

Gerald has been trained and certified through The Institute For Vocal Advancement, Foundations In Manual Therapy and completed hands on experience as well as studies of Voice  Disorders.

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Experience a brand new voice. Rest, without time off. Make sure to keep your instrument in top shape and reach your full vocal potential.

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