Learn to Sight Read music in a fun and safe group environment.

Have a blast participating in physical group classes, or online with our comprehensive tutorial. Work with Gerald to learn how to sight sing and practice what you’ve learned with fun exercises and games in a safe environment. We have a great time as we laugh and learn.

Classes Description

The Beginner Class starts from ground zero. Learn the very basics of music theory and how to apply them to singing what’s on the page. Study how two very basic steps are the key to the process.

The Intermediate Class will introduce altered intervals and include very detailed exercises applying the common elements learned from beginner theory. This class is tedious study but necessary to move to the advanced level if you don’t have a background in music theory.

The Advanced Class is a hands on experience reading music charts and testing your reading skills in front of other students.

Prerequisites: You must be an experienced singer and be able to match and hold pitch before taking this class. Please contact us if you have questions! This is a very specific course designed for experienced singers to gain knowledge of sight-reading and theory skills.