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Professional Voice Coach

You need a vocal coach you can trust. One who will encourage you, help you keep your voice health, while bringing out the best in your vocal ability. With over 20 years experience providing vocal instruction and coaching a wide range of clients from the beginner to celebrities, Gerald White has earned a reputation in the music industry as a gifted teacher. With a focus on vocal health, patience, and kindness, Gerald will help you achieve your best.

For Beginners

Have you never sung before, and are nervous to give it a try? Are you afraid to try Karaoke because you aren’t sure you can sing? Are you worried people are going to laugh at you or judge you? Gerald understands how much this means to you, and how stressful it can be – and how wonderful it can be to accomplish your dream and be confident in your ability to sing. Whether you want to sing a song to your wife or husband, or just want to learn to sing for fun, Gerald is a patient, talented coach who loves to help people accomplish their dreams.

Private Singing Lessons

With private, one-on-one singing lessons, Gerald can help you develop a solid foundation of skills, techniques, and exercises that will help you be the best singer you can be. Learn earn training to build the bridge between the language of music and what you hear. Learn pitch control to sing in tune beautifully. Develop breath control to support your vocal instrument.

Our Studio

Music1on1 is a vocal studio run by Gerald White, located in Santa Monica, CA.

Gerald is a teacher who strives to build the singing community and provide opportunities for singers to excel in all aspects of the music industry.

Music1on1 offers Voice Lessons, Sightsinging Classes, Vocal Coaching, Audition Prep, Singer Workshops. This prepares the singer for what is expected in the music industry if the goal is to make a living as a singer.

Music1on1 Studios is also a facility which gives clients an opportunity to prepare demos whether it be for songwriting, sessions or selling yourself as an artist. Gerald’s continuing experience recording in the industry allows him first hand knowledge of what is expected in today’s music world.

Our Technique

Gerald is certified under IVA, Institute For Vocal Advancement, and continues to hold those values along with the Bel Canto method of singing.

We center on vocal health. Creating a balanced voice is the foundation for a great sound and endurance regardless of style. We focus on removing any tension, stress, emotional barriers, and any body positions that interfere with complete vocal freedom.

Gerald’s 30 years of teaching experience with a Bachelor of Music Degree and Masters Degree in Commercial Music and continuing Voice accreditation allows him the ability to quickly assess vocal problems and correct them.

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