Music1on1 Policies and Procedures

Please take a few minutes of your time to review our policies here at Music1on1. They were put into place by legal counsel to protect both the student and teacher.

  1. Why are lessons only 50 minutes for a 1 hour slot and 25 minutes for a half hour slot?

In the state of CA, there is what is called a business hour. To insure each student receives the maximum amount of instructional time, we allot you 50 minutes of instructional time in a one hour slot and 25 minutes instructional time in a half hour slot. This is standard practice in all types of lessons, coaching and any specialized business where there is a change in clients for each session. As you know, when you take the time to ask questions, gather your personal items, get out your recording device, etc….this takes time. And this portion of your lesson is “transitional time.” 5 minutes per every half hour.

  1. What is the normal cancellation policy?

The normal cancellation procedure is 24 hours notice the business day before start of your lesson time. If we are contacted before this 24 hour window, the lesson can be rescheduled. This allows us to schedule someone in your slot if you decide to cancel before the 24 hour period. This is standard business practice and allows the studio to maintain ongoing clients throughout our working hours.

  1. Should I bring music?

Yes, you should always bring “sheet music” if at all possible. This allows for both the instructor and student to review details and stop and start as needed. It also is a fantastic way for the student to learn about music. Even with today’s technology, it’s not fair for either party to read from phones. This takes away from the lesson time and doesn’t allow the student to gain the most out of the lesson. If you do bring tracks, they should either be on a cd or on your playing device. You should have links marked ahead of time such as youtube tracks and have the lyrics printed out before you come to your lesson.

I cannot stress enough how important this is. More time is wasted searching for music online during the lesson than any other thing. It also makes the student dependent on internet connection among other variables which take away from the lesson time you have paid for. You are there to sing and all preparation made ahead of time increases the value of your lesson.

  1. Should parents sit in on lessons?

This is always a hard conversation to have but in general it’s best that the parents NOT be in the room. If your child is young and nervous, especially at their first few lessons, it’s completely expected and appreciated that the parent stay. But after a few lessons, the child ALWAYS learns more by being there with the teacher. If your child is a minor, you should remain on the premises. However, you may sit right outside the door within a few feet and still hear what is going on. Especially teenagers entering the critical age of 11-15, that is probably the most important time for parents to step out of the room and allow their children a little space to learn. They are so self conscious at that age and tend to focus more if they are not being watched and corrected by their parents.

  1. Should I record my lesson?

Absolutely, you should always record your lesson. You will be amazed at how much you missed in the moment. When you listen back, you’ll be able to pick up on things you missed while singing and see your progress. Also, it allows you to have an updated “work out” so to speak for each week. The easiest and most popular way to record these days is to record with your phone, tablet or computer. Later, you can review and sing along with it either in the car or at home.

  1. Why are lessons to be completed within the calendar year?

Each year we close out the books for accounting and tax purposes. Each student should schedule all paid lessons upon purchase and complete all paid scheduled lessons by December 31st of that year.

  1. Should I let the teacher know when I arrive?

Yes, when it’s time for your lesson, please come to the door and even knock lightly to let me know you are there and then wait in the foyer outside the door. Sometimes I will keep teaching if I see that the following student is late and hasn’t arrived yet.

  1. Should I set up lessons and correspond with the studio via text?

No. Why? Because Candace and I keep very detailed records of every transaction, phone call and email. We keep everything! Text is not suitable for this kind of record keeping. We do this because it’s important for us to maintain the most professional environment and run a proficient studio and again allow you to be a part of a great experience from beginning to end.

  • 9. What kind of music should I sing?

You should sing what you love. If you really don’t know where to start, I can guide you with a few suggestions. However, especially for the younger generation, you should find music you like to listen to and start there. It’s most important that you sing what makes you happy to sing. I can work with any style to help you develop a strong, flexible voice. Half of the lesson is spent doing vocal exercises which help to build strength, correct problem areas and give you routines to follow on your own. The other half is spent allowing you to implement these techniques into song. When I go to my voice lessons which I have been doing for 25 years, I still go in with a folder of at least 2 new songs for each lesson. This way, there is always something to work towards and challenge me to keep moving and developing.

One more thing. If you are first starting out, guys should pick songs sung by guys and girls should pick songs sung by girls. Why? Because most likely they will fit your range more easily. It’s not a bad thing to pick the opposite sex/range for you to sing. However, it’s takes away from your lesson time having to adjust the songs, transpose, etc…..

  • 10. Why are there cameras on the premises?

Cameras are located on the premises because they provide security for both the teacher and client. All lessons are confidential and we pride ourselves in offering a safe place to come and learn.

I can’t thank you enough for your time. As detailed as some of these procedures seem, it makes a huge difference for your lesson experience. Sometimes the business side of things is not the fun part and can often make for uncomfortable conversation. However, it is our goal to be professional and provide a safe and supportive atmosphere with guidelines which allow you as the student to gain the most out of your experience.


Gerald White

Music1on1 Inc.


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