Music1on1 Inc. Policies & Procedures

Please review our policies for Music1on1 Inc. They were put into place by legal counsel to protect both the student and teacher.

1. Lessons are 50 minutes for 1 hour and 25 minutes for a half hour.

In the state of CA, we operate on a business hour. To insure each student receives the maximum amount of instructional time, we allot you 50 minutes of instructional time in a one hour lesson and 25 minutes instructional time in a half hour lesson. This is standard practice in all types of lessons, coaching and any specialized business where there is a change of clients for each session.

2. Cancellation Policy

The normal cancellation procedure is 24 hours notice, the business day before start of your lesson time. This allows us to schedule someone in your slot if you decide to cancel before the 24 hour period.

3. No Refunds

There are no refunds after purchase. Lessons may only be rescheduled for a later date.

4. Bring Music

Always bring “sheet music” or “tracks” via a mobile device if at all possible. This allows for both the instructor and student to review details and stop and start as needed. If you are purchasing music from, download the pdf and bring with you.

5. Parents present with children under 14.

We require parents to stay on premises with children under 14. However, we ask that after the first lesson, parents wait outside in lobby or in courtyard and allow the student a more productive learning experience with the teacher.

6. Record Your Lesson.

Recording yourself is the best teacher. Also, the instructor gives exercises which should be rehearsed on a daily basis.

7. Lesson packages are be completed within a year from time of purchase.

For tax and accounting purposes, lessons should be taken within the year. We hold spots for students who have bought packages and those should be completed by a year from date of purchase.

8. Let is know when you arrive.

Knock lightly to let me know you are there and then wait in the foyer outside the door. Sometimes I will keep teaching if I see that the following student is late and hasn’t arrived yet.

9. Please correspond with our studio via email or phone.

Candace and I keep very detailed records of every transaction, phone call and email. We do this because it’s important for us to maintain the most professional environment and run a proficient studio and again allow you to be a part of a great experience from beginning to end.

I can’t thank you enough for your time. As detailed as some of these procedures seem, it makes a huge difference for your lesson experience. Sometimes the business side of things is not the fun part and can often make for uncomfortable conversation. However, it is our goal to be professional and provide a safe and supportive atmosphere with guidelines which allow you as the student to gain the most out of your experience.

If you have any questions, we are always a phone call or email away.

Gerald White

Music1on1 Inc.
3019 Pico Blvd. Suite 3 E
Santa Monica, CA 90405